Friday, February 7, 2014

Saint John Neumann Bulletin Praises Feminist Song-Writer

In its bulletin for this coming weekend, St John Nuemann Catholic Church has a rather laudatory blurb about Ruth Duck (scroll to page 4 of this link and look in the right-hand column).  Two years ago I posted my own blurb about her; let's just say it helped reveal her true progressive colors.

Let's unpack this bulletin blurb, shall we?  We read  "The issue of language that is fair and just is still a crucial
concern for those who worship in the vernacular."  Doesn't it make you wonder what the writer considers "fair and just" and what they consider its opposite to be?  If you read my link, you can see all the new-age tinged language with which Duck insults God.

Then we read "people passionately are committed to developing a language whose style and tone is as reverent as it is relevant. One of the leaders in this movement is Ruth Duck."  Well, no one can doubt that Duck is "passionately committed to developing a language."  Again, you can see what kind of language she's "developing" in my earlier blog post.  And now, it is NOT reverent!

I would say this woman veers close to heresy, but she isn't Catholic.  That's all the more reason why she is completely unqualified to tinker with the language and worship of Catholics.  I for one will not let that happen.  If As A Fire Is Meant For Burning is sung this weekend, I will substitute the lyrics, "We will preach our creeds and customs, for immortal souls we care" in place of the indifferentism-spawned slop that is embedded in that song.  I invite my fellow parishioners to do the same.

UPDATE!  I just heard from a good source that the above-mentioned Ode to Indifferentism is indeed in this weekend's repertoire!  Who will sing my improved lyrics??


  1. She is also a lesbian if you look up her bio. the description in the church bullentin 'texts that speak of God as Universal' is telling. This is 'inclusion' language which is really new age and go against Divine Revelation whereby God revealed Himself to us as Father.

    1. She's linked with an Osvaldo Buntin in Chicago. That's a masculine name.

  2. As the scheduled cantor for the 8am Mass at Saint John Neumann this morning, I had told our music director yesterday that I refused to sing this song because it has no place in Catholic liturgy. Its author, Ruth Duck, a pastor with the United Church of Christ has written a study, “The Bible and Homosexuality”, in which she self-identifies herself with the gay and lesbian community.
    Out of the rich repertoire of Catholic music, I offered to sing “Holy God We Praise Thy Name” instead. She declined and replaced me as cantor. It is clear where her priorities lie. Recall that this is the parish where Father Marcel Guarnizo was banned because he refused the Holy Eucharist to an avowed lesbian who introduced herself and her “lover” to him right before the funeral Mass for her mother and then presented herself for Holy Communion. Coincidence?

    1. Ladies and gentlemen, I believe this is the cow-plop to which Mr. Tondo alludes: Scroll to the bottom and you'll see Duck's "prayer" (To what she prays I cannot fathom, but I digress). Mr Tondo is correct; to sing this woman's work and to laud her in the parish bulletin lends to her a credibility that she simply does not deserve. It's nothing short of scandal.


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