Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Why The Bishops' Suit Regarding HHS Mandate Is Weak

Michael Voris is spot on in this Vortex - and I'll take it a step further.  Not only do they refuse to defend and promulgate Church teaching regarding matters sexual, but some of them punish the priests who have the temerity to act like - priests of Jesus Christ.  Just put the name "Father Guarnizo" or "Father Rodriguez" in the search box for an eye full.

After you watch the video, I'll have additional remarks below that.

In the beginning of that clip, Voris made mention of the Archdiocese of Detroit knowing that the Catholic hospitals within its bounds were blatantly violating Church teaching regarding dispensing of abortifacients.  I regret to point out that the Archdiocese of Washington is no better.  I link now to a letter that I wrote to Cardinal McCarrick almost ten years ago.  This is the letter that was the unofficial launching point for my earlier website and eventually this blog.  It is a compilation of various outrages that occurred with the Archdiocese's knowledge and even instigation.

Pay close attention to the tenth item.  Georgetown University was engaging in embryonic stem cell research with approval of Cardinal McCarrick.  The letter speaks for itself.

I think it is fair to opine that the Obama administration doesn't take the US bishops seriously because the bishops don't take seriously their own call to proclaim the truth boldly.  For once I don't blame the Obamanistas.

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