Tuesday, February 25, 2014

CMR's Post On Pope Francis And SSPX

Pat Archibald of Creative Minority Report writes also for the National Catholic Register.  On the page of the latter, Archibald wrote an article expressing hope that Pope Francis will welcome the Society of St Pius X back into the ranks of mainstream Catholicism.  After posting the article, the Register saw fit to pull it down.  After reading the article myself, I think the Register's action was quite deplorable.

Archibald posted the article on Creative Minority Report.  I invite all to read it.


  1. Thanks for the link. Perhaps you know...my comment to Pat was...Uhm, I believe someone up above in the comments mentioned that as much as we hope for this reconciliation and return, is there not still the possibility that they will not return until N.O. is removed? I may be under the misunderstanding that they have never agreed with the validity of the N.O. and thus it is their stance that prevents their return. If I am in error, I ask forgiveness for misleading anyone's understanding since I am no expert. Pat?

  2. The article referred to a strong perception of "traditional" minded catholics becoming alienated within the church and how this sunders the spiritual unity that ought to exist between followers of catholicism.
    Unfortunately statements from the current Pope have been made and published that leave many traditional catholics wondering just what is going on in the church.
    This uncertainty is also compounded by the fact that two living persons are officially permitted use the title of pope.
    Its a mess.


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