Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Operation Rescue Obtains 911 Recordings Of Carhart Botch-Job At GRHS

Last November, abortionist Leroy Carhart and team caused another woman to be rushed to the hospital.  Operation Rescue filed a "Maryland Public Information Act" request to obtain a copy of the 911 call.  Just a few days ago, a heavily redacted version of the recording was received by Operation Rescue.  

It is common procedure to redact any information regarding identities of persons involved.  However, the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Department redacted much more; this over-zealous editing has the paw prints of the pro-abortion folks in high offices in the Maryland government.  Still, as the Operation Rescue article points out, the indications are that the woman taken to hospital in November was suffering from hemorrhaging.

This woman was not the first to suffer a botched abortion at Leroy Carhart's hands; chances are that she won't be the last.  To our knowledge she still lives.  I pray that she repents and receives God's forgiveness. 

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