Friday, April 4, 2014

Amnesty-Hawking Bishops Exploit Holy Mass

Last Tuesday, April 2, several bishops decided to hold a Mass at the Mexican border.  I wrote a bit about that farcical abuse of Holy Mass on March 30 - no need to rehash what I already wrote.  Let me, however link to this article from New American, written yesterday.  At the bottom are some words of common sense from Arizona State Senator Al Melvin.  He believes (and I absolutely agree) that the bishops' little stunt, a thinly-disguised attempt to pander to progressives in power will only add to the chaos that's already there.   I'm sure most reasonable people have noticed that the bishops have uttered not one peep to the Mexican authorities to urge them to improve the economy so that Mexicans do not feel they have no where else but the US to obtain jobs.  Now why, oh why, is that?  Cloward-Piven anyone?

I almost forgot!  Tomorrow we'll see the onslaught of amnesty rallies nationwide to protest deportation.  They don't want one more lawbreaker deported!  Got that?  And of course the timing of these rallies, mere days after the Mass is just a coincidence!  No puppet-string pullers here!  Nope!  (of course I'm being just a tad sarcastic).

We need to stand up to these progressives - and not be afraid to take these pandering bishops to task for selling the citizens of this country down the river.


  1. Those who cross the border are typically doing it to improve the lot of their families. One of the corporal works of mercy is to feed the hungry. In today's world, couldn't this be interpreted as jobs for those who seek work? Those who die trying to cross have died trying to make life better. Cardinal O'Malley certainly sees this. Of course, this won't be published since it disagrees with your vision of Catholic truth.

    1. Let me preface my remarks by addressing the arrogance and condescension that spews forth from your last sentence. I want all my other readers to see prima facie evidence of this trait, in display to disguise the intellectual vacuity of the progressive mentality. I'll return to this later.

      To Feed the Hungry. How is that best accomplished? It is not by the de facto "open-borders, anything goes" that these bishops are hawking at the obvious bidding of their political handlers. There seems to be a childish, simplistic assumption that the USA has unlimited resources to answer the physical needs of the entire world or anyone who demands entry. It doesn't; no country does. To carry on in that illusion is to court a childish fairy-tale land: something liberals excel at.

      Any country - including the United States of America - has obligations to its citizens, to protect them and their livelihoods. These obligations take precedence over other demands from people in other country. If that country does not manage the inflow of immigrants, soon the needs of none will be met.

      Of course, the "any country" I mentioned earlier would include Mexico, right? If, as you say, people are crossing to the north to help their families, doesn't that speak of Mexico's gross failures to better the lots of their own citizens? As Mr. Melvin said in that article I cited, a real comprehensive solution must include the creation of jobs in Mexico. Would not the Corporal Work of "Feed the Hungry" be incumbent upon the Mexican government - especially in regard to its own citizens? The responsibility for all those deaths can be laid squarely upon the shoulders of Mexican leaders.

      Yet our bishops are silent on that little point, aren't they? That's by design of their progressive puppet-string-pullers in Washington and probably elsewhere (that means you, George Soros!). They want to overtax our infrastructures so as to create the chaos they deem necessary to further governmental control (and of course, New World Order). Read those Cloward Piven links I supplied.

      Now to return to your condescending attitude towards me. I am under no obligation to provide you a forum to insult me and others who are not blindsided by progressive babble. Should you wish to have another comment published by me again, that comment will be prefaced by your humble apology for your snark. Otherwise, I hoped you enjoyed your fifteen minutes of fame.

    2. Well said Restore DC Catholicism! Thank you for your intelligent and truthful observations and commentary of what's taking place with the "Catholic hierarchy" in this country. This has been going on for decades, the Church hierarchy that were not faithul to Church Doctrine and teaching ( and here I mean a large group of men,the liberal, communist,socialist,homosexual priests,bishops,cardinals ( as well as the liberal nun groups,) infiltrated and want to destroy our Holy Catholic Church . We need to clean out the Church just as we do our government. God bless you!

      P.S. And to you Chuck, it's very naive to believe that everyone from south of the border has "innocent " motives for breaking into our country and stealing from taxpayers. True Catholic immigrants wouldn't come illegally, especially since there isn't a valid reason (war,famine,persecution) . First, if we enforced our laws like Mexico does, we wouldn't have an illegal immigration issue. Second, if we didn't give benefits to them and pay more for each out of wedlock anchor baby, they wouldn't come. There are hundreds of thousands of foreign criminals in our jails, violent illegal foreigners on our streets harming our citizens not to mention the national security threat of terrosts coming across the border.There's something wrong when our government and clergy care more about the well being of foreigners than US citizens. For example, I never see Mexican homeless families, men, women and children on the street and begging for food and money.I see Americans - mainly elderly, veterans, mentally ill and kids from foster care that our society treats horribly! We have plenty of our own poor! Jesus always said the poor will be with us. This is all about politics and money and the American Catholic Church hierarchy and Democrats have been bed mates for decades- they feed off of each other. When the Church and govt keep immigrants, legal and illegal, in long term poverty by enabling them to be dependent on others, shame on them. We,the USA, gives the world plenty of money, food, products,security, time, and talent . Each country needs to be held accountable for their own citizens. The Church needs to get back to the "saving souls business".

  2. Your complaint to Chuck is what you do EVERY day to Church leaders, political leaders, fellow believers, people who don't dress as YOU would like. How is HIS comment any different than everything you say about the Pope, the President, Voris or anybody else. Your world is getting smaller and smaller as few meet YOUR approval or YOUR understanding of Christianity.

    1. And here, ladies and gentlemen, is more condescension from yet another of liberal orientation. The whole tone is symptomatic of a stung conscience. "Papa", you and Chuck are free to rant as you please. All I said is that I am under no obligation to provide anyone a forum to insult me. Let me make this clear - had it been another commenter/reader that you were trying to insult, your comment would have been unceremoniously trashed.


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