Monday, April 14, 2014

Of Homofacists And Homophiles

Here is this past Wednesday's Mic'd Up edition regarding homofacism.  Yes that word does describe a sinister reality that I've seen first-hand.

He gives various examples of homofacists rearing their ugly heads.  At 3:45 he broaches the topic of Sister Jane Dominic Laurel who is being persecuted for proclaiming God's truth about marriage.  Right after that he interviews David Hains, Communications Director for the Diocese of Charlotte.  Mr. Hains did stand up for Sister.  I should point out that this Mic'd Up was recorded before Bishop Jugis opened his mouth and waffled all over the place.

Notice at 31:15 where Voris brings up the DC example of homofacism?  He's speaking of the situation two Lents ago at St John Neumann parish when they turned on Father Marcel Guarnizo, with the permission - if not outright connivance - of the DC chancery.  Voris asks the question whether or not Fr. Guarnizo was being set up.  I think that's a fair question; I couldn't help but notice that the Washington Post picked that up immediately - as though they had prior notice.

Notice at 41:30 where he talks of the definition of "homophile" (as coined by Austin Ruse) to mean (among other things) Catholics who seem to think homosexuality is a gift from God that must be celebrated.  Sister Anne Smollin, about whom I wrote yesterday, is such an individual.  For that reason I'm urging that her planned appearance be canceled and at least opposed.  I actually coined that term before; my definition is a bit more broad than Ruse's.  I use it to describe someone who advocates for acceptance of that perverted lifestyle, regardless of whether that person is homosexual or not.  And yes, they are often part and parcel of the homfacism.   I'll now post the video below.

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