Friday, April 18, 2014

Bishop Jugis Replies! Well, Kinda!!!

Last week I wrote my Open Letter to Bishop Peter Jugis in regards to his milquetoast pig-slop of a statement.   Well, lo and behold, - he replied!  At least David Hains did.  Are you just waiting with bated breath to read their words of wisdom?  Well feast your eyes for here it is!  Drum roll and trumpets, please!


Ms. Baker,

Your email below has been forwarded by the Chancery to me for a response.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject.  We have received a great deal of input on this subject.

David Hains
Director of Communication, Diocese of Charlotte
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Well, doesn't that just clear everything right up?  More mealy-mouthed mush from on high!  Truth be told, I believe him when he says they received "a great deal of input on this subject".  The real questions are:
  • Do they give a rat's rump about all this "input"?  I fear this question is merely rhetorical.
  • Will they still compel the Dominicans to keep Sister Jane Dominic Laurel in perpetual limbo?  And no, I don't buy the crap that Sister started her sabbatical "on her own"!

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  1. Oh my! I call that the John Warner response. When he was a Senator here in Virginia that's the kind of letter you got no matter what you wrote. Ah well, so many of our bishops are politicians these days. (Sigh!) We need to pray harder for them and their communication flunkies. Remember when bishops didn't have a chancery full of bureaucrats working for them? Since Bishop Loverde took over in Arlington our chancery went from three floors in (I think) a six-story building (or maybe seven) to the ENTIRE building. What's wrong with this picture?


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