Sunday, April 20, 2014

Another Parochial Damage-Control Attempt??

Two weeks ago I learned of a breakfast, sponsored by Mother Seton parish to our north that is to feature a gay-sympathetic religious, Sr Anne Bryan Smollin.  I wrote to the pastor; read it here.  The very next day I received a reply from Father Fangmeyer stating that he'd "look into it".  I wonder if "look into it" is code-talk for "pitch in trash"?

In today's bulletin was the same exact announcement; that's two weeks later.  This breakfast will still occur, although there remains some time for it to be cancelled.  We can be grateful that this event is not occurring on Church property, I suppose.


  1. In regard to your belief that the Catholic Church is still au courant w/Courage, you might be interested in this article:

    1. This indicates no change of status between the Church and Courage. All the Legion of Mary group said was that it intended no offense - true, they simply intended to present Catholic teaching.


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