Thursday, April 10, 2014

Gay-Sympathetic Sister To Speak At Mother Seton Event - Please Pray And Take Action

In a comment to one of my April 6 post, an anonymous reader mentioned that Sister Anne Bryan Smollin is to be the featured speaker at a breakfast sponsored by Mother Seton Parish in Germantown MD.  He/she pointed to a number of links that demonstrate that Sister does not adhere to Church teaching on homosexual conduct.  I've no doubt that the pastor is unaware of this and perhaps the same could be said of those who are contemplating being a part of this event.  To that end, I wrote to Father Lee Fangmeyer, pastor of Mother Seton, this open letter.  Please circulate this around and encourage others to speak out (in a respectful manner) - or at least consider not attending this event.  Now the letter...

Hello, Father Fangmeyer.   I am a parishioner of St John Neumann, the parish to the southeast of your location.  In our own parish bulletin this past weekend, we saw an announcement regarding a breakfast that will be sponsored by your parish’s Sodality of Our Lady.  It is to be held Sunday May 4th and features a speaker named Sister Anne Bryan Smollin, CSJ.   It was brought to my attention that Sister has spoken at “Catholic gay ministries” conferences; see   This is the sort of “gay ministry” that reinforces homosexual Catholics in their disordered passions as opposed to helping them live chaste lives (unlike the truly worth Courage Ministries).  You may also wish to review this

I am trusting that most members of the Sodality of Our Lady would be aghast at the thought of paying honorarium to someone who dissents from the Magisterium regarding homosexual conduct and lifestyle.  No doubt you are and many others would be.  To that end, I am writing this open letter to you in the hopes that this event can be stopped or at least potential attendees can be advised of this serious problem before they commit to giving Sister an undeserved audience.

Thank you for your time in reading this.  You and Mother Seton Parish are in my prayers.

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