Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bishop Jugis' Non-Statement Regarding Sister Jane Dominic Laurel

In the face of the treatment that Sister Jane Dominic Laurel received in his diocese for proclaiming God's truth, this statement of the Bishop of Charlotte is pathetic.  His diocesan officials have shown more spine than has he.  This is literally a bunch of non-committal mishmash.  I do notice that while he expresses "support" for parents, students, staff, etc of the school, he expresses none for Sister.

He's also "shocked" about the "lack of charity and respect".  Well, that's nice but... what about the lack of understanding and respect for the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Church on the part of so many parents?  Will he be instructing his parish priests to proclaim the truths from the pulpit more directly to give the parents some desperately-needed remedial catechism?  While I'd hope so I don't think that will happen.

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