Sunday, April 20, 2014

Follow-Up Open Letter To Bishop Jugis

Remember that laughable reply that the Charlotte Diocese tried to pass off as a response?  Well, I'm going to give them another chance to render a decent and honest reply.  Here goes!


Dear Bishop Jugis, Mr. Hains or Whoever,

Did half the email sent to me on April 16 somehow get truncated?  It seems to be extremely incomplete.  All I see is an acknowledgement that you received my email.  To your credit, you’ve done far more than other chanceries have in reply to inquiries.  Still, I have received no reply of substance.

As mentioned in my original email, the email was an open letter.  I have posted that and the below reply to my blog

I am in turn posting this email to the blog.  Please be advised that I will not let the plight of Sister Jane Dominic Laurel fall from attention – at least not on my blog (which enjoys respectable readership).  She deserves real justice: not to be treated as a sacrificial lamb to appease the noisy coyote-like homophiles that control the parents’ group at that school.

Thank you.

Janet Baker


  1. Keep fighting the good fight Janet. You speak and represent so many good Catholics! Sister Jane Dominic is a courageous Catholic Christian, and inspired so many. Many rosaries are being prayed on her behalf.

  2. Stay by the phone. When they don't call, you'll know it's them.


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