Monday, April 21, 2014

Maryland Abortionist Gets His Knuckles Rapped

What else do you call the kid-glove treatment of Harold Alexander?  Last week he received a 3-month suspension of his medical license.  It's his second in two years and he still will be allowed to continue?  Do you find this baffling?  Not at all - let me explain in two words:

Joshua Sharfstein

He's the Secretary of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.  He oversees all the state agencies who are supposed to be monitoring abortuaries (and other medical facilities).  He's also quite the pro-abortion activist.  Read this little expose done on Sharfstein and his chequered career.  Apparently he was at the NARAL fundraising gala that we picketed last October, receiving one of their "Leadership Awards".

Carhart, Alexander et al clearly do have friends in high places in Maryland - even in the State House.  The 2014 elections can't come soon enough.


  1. Better close your eyes and pray a rosary quick before you see this: it was Martin O'Malley, pro-abortion Catholic, who appointed Sharfstein:

    Before that, Catholic pro-abortion Mayor O'Malley named him health commissioner of Baltimore:

    Together these two pro-aborts claim to have saved more Baltimore babies than Defend Life:

    Could be pro gay marriage daddy Sharfstein has contributed to Catholic pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage O'Malley's campaigns:

    1. Regrettably this is no surprise at all. After all, this is the same O'Malley who has been the featured speaker for at least one of these NARAL galas mentioned above.


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