Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cultural Nazis And The Persecution That IS Underway

The Cultural Nazis already have their long knives out.  In many cases, they are being actively aided and abetted by Catholic leaders.  I saw it in my own parish two years ago, when the gay-nazis engineered the ouster of Father Guarnizo, with the DC chancery delivering the final heave-ho to Father.  Those who heard Michael Voris interview Peter LaBarbera will recall that the latter voiced the possibility of being arrested.  It happened.  Read the account in a gay site called queerty; you can smell the nazi mentality all over the language of that article.

The first step in fighting this tyranny (including its manifestations in the church) is to take our heads out of the sand now and be informed.

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  1. Sad that those held in the sexual addiction of homosexuality can't anymore go to a counselor for help but society has deemed this a normal alternative to reproduction and marriage bonding between individuals. We in the faith community must fill this gap fasting and praying with those in this bondage of homosexuality to be freed. I used to be one of them but Praise YaHU'aH the Almighty in the name of YaSHUA he set me free. I will never go back into this trap of satan again by his grace. "Lead us not into temptation and deliver us from evil" tells us YaSHUA of Nazareth thought it was possible cause he wouldn't have us pray this way if he didn't. Sexual addiction is so hard to overcome like obesity because it perverts the natural appetites for one that is unnatural whether through fornication or adultery.


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