Monday, April 7, 2014

Sister Jane Dominic Laurel - Another Joan Of Arc

Forgive my tardiness for weighing in on this matter, but I will do so now.

Most have heard that Sister Jane Dominic Laurel of the Dominican Sisters of St Cecilia (a rather orthodox order that is faithful to the Magisterium) gave a talk to students of a Catholic high school in Charlotte, NC.  The talk was entitled "Masculinity and Femininity: Difference and Gift".  This talk was deemed "controversial" for Sister had the unmitigated gall to proclaim the truth of Catholic teaching regarding divorce, sodomy, extramarital sex, etc.

Many of the students, their faith and morals already corroded by lackluster education and even more lackluster family example, went apoplectic and complained to their parents (or surrogates as the case may be).  Being the adults that they are, they waxed even more hysterical than their children and had themselves a little letter-writing campaign.  In their petition they wrote, "As rational people, we know that most homosexual people lead healthy, normal and productive lives like their heterosexual counterparts.."  No, only irrational people hold onto those pipe-dreams - folks who are in complete denial as to why the average life-span of the gay man is much lower than his heterosexual counterpart.

You may read here to see how the Diocese of Charlotte has reacted in cowardly fashion, throwing Sister Jane under the bus for being true to her religious vows and to her Lord Jesus Christ.  By the way - the Bishop's name is Peter Jugis; he can be contacted at  Please do so; let him know that fidelity to the Magisterium is worth far more than the donations he thinks he's salvaging by his cowardice.  He harms not only Sister, but also the students of that school who now have a sorry image of a bishop before their eyes.  IMPORTANT UPDATE BELOW - READ BEFORE TAKING ACTION

You'll also read in that article that Sister is "starting a sabbatical".  And guess what?  It's her own initiative!  They make a point of emphasizing that it's "her own initiative".  Do they think we just jumped off a turnip truck.  They know it's a lie, and they think if they repeat it enough, we'll believe it.

Father Z has it right when he refers to Sister as "The Nun UNDER the Bus".  Also, while I don't favor too many of the Patheos blogs, Rebecca Hamilton's has an excellent commentary on this disgraceful situation.  So too does Father Longenecker.

Of course these prelates would like us to forget about this matter and let poor Sister languish in "sabbatical".  They tried that with Father Guarnizo two years ago.  I for one am determined that this will not happen.  Let us all keep shining the light on the money-grubbing cowardice that has disgraced the church these past weeks.  Our pastors should lead us in commending Sister Jane Dominic Laurel.  Instead they toady to the homofacists and other progressive tyrants, presumably out of fear of lost donations (thirty pieces of silver?).  Shine the light on them, too.

UPDATE FROM LIFESITENEWS  It seems that the Diocese of Charlotte has reconsidered its stance towards Sister Jane Dominic Laurel.  Lifesitenews reports now that diocesan officials acknowledge that Sister's talk was in conformity with Church teaching and that she'd be welcome to return.  Please now thank them, as gay-nazis and rabid parents will certainly lash at them.

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  1. This is sad...I was blessed to hear her speak a while ago. She truly grasps Church Truth and daughter informed me they only allow/grant the name "Dominic" to the most learned Dominicans. They have a "course" that anyone may take for free with a series of her lectures. Sister is a gift to the Church and those who spoke against her need to ask forgiveness and learn true compassion. The following is from the website where you may find Sister's to all and magnificent!

    "But, the single most important question you will ask is this: To whom will I entrust myself? How will I know if another person is worthy of my love? Worthy of my trust? How will I know if I am worthy of another's trust and love?" (St. John Paul II) What I hope for us to do in this course is to study John Paul II's understanding of love as self-gift, loving through our bodies and doing it in the context of living for our families, our society and our culture. I hope that you will join us in studying this Rich Gift of Love, because genuine love is the greatest of human adventures. (Sister Jane Dominic Laurel, O.P.)

    A blessed Passiontide to all!


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