Saturday, September 20, 2014

Complete Video Of Mother Angelica's Rebuke Of The Church Of Nice

During the World Youth Day of 1993, with Pope Saint John Paul II in attendance, some mime performers portrayed the Stations of the Cross.  The mime who portrayed Jesus was obviously a woman.  I agree with Mother Angelica and others that this portrayal was blasphemous and another symptom of the progressive poison that is killing the faith of so many Catholics.

Michael Voris on his Vortex series has been analyzing her rebuke.  However, he only used excerpts of her talk in his own shows.  Therefore I am delighted that I found Mother's entire address on video (thanks to Rorate Caeli) and present it now to you.

It's worth noting that after this talk, liberal bishops throughout the country aimed their long knives at her.  Sadly they succeeded and she no longer directs EWTN - that she founded.  Now she is gravely ill.  It must be a cross to her to see how EWTN has degraded into a milquetoast mouthpiece of the Church of Nice.   A few days ago we witnessed something similar with Cardinal Burke.  After the release of his book that defends Christian marriage and Church laws, he too has been relieved of positions of influence.


  1. Her words actually remind me of Michael Voris. While I may not agree with Voris all the time, people say that he is "mean". I laugh and say, "Just like Mother Angelica in the 90s".
    Today, EWTN controls what we she of Mother. Notice how the dates jump around when you watch "Mother Angelica Live". Back then, she had no problem being "mean" as long as she was defending Her Spouse. She spoke truth, she spoke it without a "nice" filter and she spoke it often. She was a firecracker who the Bishops worked hard to silence.
    Lord Love her, we could so use her now.

  2. Father Z posted the whole thing, too, a few weeks back. Am I wrong? I was going to send the link to you then, but I figured you had already seen it, since you frequent the blog of Father Z.

    This is the whole thing, right?


    1. I can't open the video on Fr. Z's page; it's in quicktime and my computer doesn't like it. At least Rorate had the youtube.


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