Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Disgusting March Cardinal Dolan Wanted Catholics To Attend

Two days ago the debacle called the People's Climate March was held in New York City.  Cardinal Dolan just adored the idea - he hoped for a "strong Catholic presence".   I couldn't help but notice not one hint of the need for prayer for the black mass that was scheduled to happen - but I digress.

Speaking of adoration, there seemed to be a good bit of that going on at the climate farce.  Youngcons shows a bunch of farce attendees bowing to an idol.  It's rather grotesque, too.  I'm not sure just what the hell that thing is supposed to represent, but there's no doubt that environmentalism is a cloak for paganism.  Of course that cloak is now a bit more transparent.  Now consider that Cardinal Dolan wanted Catholics there.  It was clear from his own blog that he didn't want Catholics to preach the Gospel; after all "proselytism is solemn nonsense"!  Would he have been ok with them joining in the overt idol worshiping that was happening?  I wish I could answer confidently in the negative.

Many from the leftwing "gang of usual suspects" put in their appearances.  Michelle Fields of PJ Media managed to get an interview from Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  The man makes absolutely no sense.  Marylanders will recognize his cognitive dissonance as being similar to that of our former Lt. Governor, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, his sister.  When one fills their brain with pro-abortion gobblygook and empties their conscience of any trace of their Catholic faith, their brains will fry.  Behold for yourselves.

Breitbart News has information on other famous attendees.  Former VP Al Gore was there; afterwards he departed in his Chevy Suburban SUV.  Leonardo Di Caprio also was there; he owns five luxury homes and lives quite the jet-setting lifestyle.  By their own professed standards, what do you believe would be the sizes of their "carbon footprints"?  Oh, excuse me!  It's just fine and dandy for them to live high on the hog.  It is we, the great unwashed rabble, who must pare back our own lifestyles to appease that idol that was worshiped at the farce!

When the nonsense finally came to a close (and all the bigwigs made their getaways in their various gas-guzzling vehicles), they made quite a mark on the city.  That is to say, they left piles of trash that the city maintenance workers had to clean up.  Oh, wait!  Maybe they didn't have to clean it up!  Perhaps they fed the garbage to their grotesque idol!  That must be it!

Cardinal Dolan, what do you have to say about this mess now - assuming you care?


  1. The interview with the "Kennedy" fellow -- LOL. He said something like people who don't believe in global warming kill people and should be in prison.

    Not a lot going on in the hat rack.

    1. Just think about the 50 plus million who won't get to Choose their belief of Global Warming. It's the Democratic Party that demands we kill people but, if they choose against the Socialist Party line then prison.

  2. The jovial Cardinal is being interviewed by the NY Times and is unable to respond at this time.


  4. God have mercy on Timothy Dolan!

  5. Anyone with a simple education in HS Physics could know that global warming is BS....This enviorwhackoism has got to stop.


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