Monday, September 15, 2014

Cultures Of Sex And Death Go Hand In Hand

In today's Vortex, Voris deals with the Culture of Sex.  Yes, that is going on too (besides the Culture of Death), if you haven't already noticed a long time ago.  The late Fr. John Hardon wisely stated that "sins against the Sixth Commandment lead to sins against the Fifth Commandment".

He upbraids the Catholic clergy who allow it to fester in the Church.  He's correct, although I will fill in some "gaps".  We certainly are "accommodating the culture of sex".  He could well have in mind the landmark disgrace that Cardinal Dolan heaped upon his own vocation as he gleefully announced he'd be leading the charge at the St Patrick's Day parade and its celebration of gross perversion.  He could well be talking of Cardinal Wuerl as he punished Fr Guarnizo when the latter refused Holy Communion to practicing lesbians.  He could also be talking about those parishes that allow engaged couples to cohabitate and fornicate as they (pretend to) prepare for Catholic marriages.

He says the leaders of the Church are accommodating this mess because they are weak.  I think that's true for many of them.  But quite a few of them actually revel in the debauchery themselves and they lust after the Culture of Sex/Death.  We're certainly seeing that in the sex abuse scandals from which we are still reeling.

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