Friday, September 5, 2014

Msgr Pope Apologies - Under Archdiocesan Compulsion?

Now we knew this was coming, didn't we?  See below what currently appears in the url

My word!  How stupid does the Archdiocese of Washington think we are?  I've no doubt that this "apology" was coerced and the language for this may well have been dictated by the chancery.  Remember - this is the very same chancery that gave Father Marcel Guarnizo the heave-ho when the latter denied Holy Communion to a flagrantly practicing lesbian (as was his duty per Canon 915).

Msgr Pope's language in his now-censored post was strong, but such language was needed to adequately describe the depravity of Cardinal Dolan's kiss-up to the gays regarding what now will be the St Patrick's Day Orgy.  No doubt the unabashed truth stings the consciences of all progressives in all chanceries.  They will circle the wagons to protect their own from the light of the truth.

Msgr Pope is vowed to obedience to the local bishop.  Most likely he had no choice but to allow that poppy-cock apology to be published on his behalf.  We the laity are not so constrained, and we will call out this chicanery for what it is.

To the ADW trolls reading this post - no, we had no communications with Msgr Pope, so if your noses are out of joint because of this post, it will avail you nothing to vent your spleens at Msgr Pope.  My com-boxes are open.


  1. You can bet that he'll have to go to "sensitivity training" as apart of the process. Such is what happens in AmChurch and is subsidiaries.

  2. I hope and pray the good Msgr.Pope will not be cowed out to nonchalance and will stand for what he believes the true teachings of our Lord, what the Catholic Church believed and preached ..Be strong Msgr.Pope, we are with you..God bless you.

  3. From BuzzFeed:

    Here’s the full text of the post, copied from blog before it was apparently removed:

    Time to End the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and the Al Smith Dinner?
    By: Msgr. Charles Pope

    The time for happy-clappy, lighthearted engagement of our culture may be nearing an end. Sometimes it takes a while to understand that what used to work no longer works. Let me get more specific.

    Decades ago the “Al Smith Dinner” was a time for Republicans and Democrats to bury the hatchet (even if only temporarily) and come together to raise money for the poor and to emphasize what unites us rather than what divides us. But in the old days the death of 50 million infants was not what divided us. We were divided about lesser things such as how much of the budget should go to defense and how much to social spending. Reasonable men might differ over that.

    But now we are being asked to raise toasts and to enjoy a night of frivolity with those who think it is acceptable to abort children by the millions each year, with those who think anal sex is to be celebrated as an expression of love and that LGBTQIA… (I=intersexual, A= Asexual) is actually a form of sanity to which we should tip our hat, and with those who stand four-square against us over religious liberty.

    Now the St. Patrick’s Parade is becoming of parade of disorder, chaos, and fake unity. Let’s be honest: St. Patrick’s Day nationally has become a disgraceful display of drunkenness and foolishness in the middle of Lent that more often embarrasses the memory of Patrick than honors it.

    In New York City in particular, the “parade” is devolving into a farcical and hateful ridicule of the faith that St. Patrick preached.

    It’s time to cancel the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and the Al Smith Dinner and all the other “Catholic” traditions that have been hijacked by the world. Better for Catholics to enter their churches and get down on their knees on St. Patrick’s Day to pray in reparation for the foolishness, and to pray for this confused world to return to its senses. Let’s do adoration and pray the rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet unceasingly for this poor old world.

    But don’t go to the parade; stay away from the Al Smith Dinner and all that “old school” stuff that hangs on in a darkened world. And as for St Patrick’s Day, it’s time to stop wearin’ the green and instead take up the purple of Lent and mean it. Enough of the celebration of stupidity, frivolity, and drunkenness that St Paddy’s day has become. We need penance now, not foolishness. We don’t need parades and dinner with people who scoff at our teachings, insist we compromise, use us for publicity, and make money off of us. We’re being played for (and are?) fools.

    End the St Patrick’s parade. End the Al Smith Dinner and all other such compromised events. Enough now, back to Church! Wear the purple of Lent and if there is going to be a procession, let it be Eucharistic and penitential for the sins of this age.

    For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world!

    How say you?

    1. Could someone point out the "harsh language" in Msgr. Pope's original post?

  4. Msgr. Pope, PLEASE STAND UP for the TRUTH and for JUSTICE! remember that many of the SAINTS and even JESUS, Himself, were betrayed by the hierarchy of the Church. We need our clergy and religious to remain FAITHFUL - TO GOD! Many of us FAITHFUL are behind you.

  5. Father Pope, you are spiritual father to many who look up to you and have heard to voice of a shepherd, please continue to speak for Jesus Christ and present the Full GOSPEL of Christ, not the watered down version that seeks to appease the world and validate that sin is acceptable. St.John Chrysostom warns that the Hell is paved with the Miters of Bishops. Rather good and holy priest that you are remember the words of St. Paul the Apostle "Preach the Word, be instant, in season, out of season, reprove, rebuke and exhort with all long suffering and doctrine"

  6. Cardinal Wuerl should be ashamed of himself for this. Many of us know that those who oppose us have nothing to fear. Why, because we invite them to our dinners and events and silence those who speak up for the faith.

  7. 'Correction' and 'Realignment' is coming to the Catholic Church via The Lord of Lords.......and I feel it is coming sooner than later. It will not be pretty. God will NOT BE MOCKED much longer.


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