Saturday, September 27, 2014

Vatican Swallows The Spiritual And Intellectual Poisoned Koolaid Called Environmentalism

LifesiteNews did an expose of the Vatican's embrace of environmentalism this past Wednesday called "Why Is The Vatican Stumbling Into Climate Controversy?"  He points out the Vatican luminaries (including Cardinal Maradiaga, the leader of the "gang of 8").  He also points out a statement by the Vatican that "the scientific consensus is rather consistent..."  No it isn't.  There is a wide divergence of conclusions in the scientific community (see here and here) - the sort that the progressive media tries to keep silent.

The most important Jalsevak pointed out is that this matter of "climate change" is way beyond the bishops' realm of competence.  They have no knowledge by which to make scientific conclusions, let alone decide and declare which of widely varying theories is correct.

I would like to think that the Vatican is just being naive and easily led when it comes to climate change.  However, I now believe there are powerful forces within the Vatican - the same ones controlling the USCCB - that are pulling puppet strings and doing their utmost to promote progressive agendas upon the whole world.  Last week Cardinal Dolan was simply taking marching orders from those holding his puppet strings; the behaviors cited in Jalsevak's reports are at the behest of the same masterminds.

Four years ago I posted commentary on an expose of environmentalism done by Michael Voris.  Here is the link to my commentary; embedded in that post is the video that he produced and another link to supporting documentation.  Note the three principles to environmentalism: population control, world governance, earth worship.   Here I believe we see a rather stark example of earth worship.  If you clicked on the "Dolan" link in the preceding paragraph and were able to endure RFK Jr.'s diatribe in the video, you noticed his none-too-subtle hints at socialism.

In this video from Sunday's parade/charade (ht Reason Magazine) you'll notice even less subtle calls for socialism.  Warning!  As the video proceeds, your eardrums will be assaulted by hideous music performed (using words "performed" and "music" loosely) by aging hippies.  You might want to offer up any earaches as penances.

Environmentalism is just another ploy to replace western civilization with atheism and socialism.  Now they are leading the Vatican by the nose.  This is yet another reason why we cannot blindly follow and obey every statement issued by the Vatican - especially when they violate the Magisterium and step outside their realms of competence.  Now the Right Reason video..

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