Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Catholic Relief Services - Proud To Be Ashamed Of The Gospel

Over the years I have had too many occasions to write about the scandals of Catholic Relief Services.  Some of their actions have been outright murderous, as several of their workers in Africa have been caught dispensing abortifacients.

Therefore, it surprises me not in the least to hear that Bill O'Keefe, CRS's vice president for government relations and advocacy, told CNN that "..we do not attempt to engage in discussions of faith.  We're proud of that..."   Father Shenan Boquet, president of Human Life International, chided CRS for not sharing the Gospel while praising them for "serving the poor and marginalized".  I believe Father was being way too generous to CRS; whatever else "serving the poor" may mean, it does not mean inducing them to practice contraception.

Now notice this lovely statement came from their vp for government relations.  Most telling!  When one considers that CRS receives over 60% of its funding from USAID, we can see how O'Keefe might have wanted to keep his sugar-daddies happy.  Considering how little of the Faith CRS knows or believes, it might be just as well they keep their yaps shut, lest they spew forth all manners of heresies.

Catholic Relief Services, like its parent organization, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, is beyond repair.  It's time to dismantle the whole sorry mess.

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