Thursday, September 4, 2014

When High Callings Are Abandoned: EWTN And Cardinal Dolan

Michael Voris continued his Vortex by examining the role that EWTN played in smoking out the evil within the Church when Mother Angelica held the reins.  Once some resentful bishops succeeded in marginalizing Mother, they installed lay puppets in EWTN's management.  Now they no longer utter a peep against those who spread poison within the church; sometimes ETWN personalities even cozy up to the nefarious elements.  So EWTN abandoned their high calling.

News arrived that New York City's St Patrick's Day Parade will allow a gay presence in their next parade.  One might have hoped for a protest from Cardinal Dolan!  Nope!  He says he'll continue to support it; in fact he still plans to be the Grand Marshall at the planned orgy.  He offered some lame excuse, saying that he "cannot control" who marches in the parade.  Well, yes he does have control over at least one person who will march in the parade: himself.  He can also forbid any Catholic/diocesan organization from participating.  I agree with the Archibalds that such would be a terrific display of leadership and courage appropriate for a bishop.  But he's caved to sinful pressures many times; see this anthology of so many examples of the scandals offered by Dolan.

Below is today's Vortex.  In it we see Mother Angelica's excellent rebuke of so many church officials.  One can only imagine what she'd say to Cardinal Dolan today.


  1. After Mother Angelica dies, EWTN will totally lose the faith and promote the lies of the False Prophet Francis.

  2. It's not an orgy! ONE gay group does not mean this thing is going to devolve into round 2 of the New York Gay Pride parade! It's like you think that all gay men think about is sex 24x7 and given the opportunity they would have sex with any man they meet! It's no wonder the gay lobby thinks we're all homophobes, if this is the rhetoric they have to go by!

    1. It's one gay group this time. More will apply in the future - and they will be admitted. As for the "orgy" label, it is accurate. Why should I care what the gay lobby, advocates of mortal sin that they are, think of me? Why are you so concerned about that? Anytime mortal sin is celebrated, you have an orgy. Don't like the label? Deal with it. That a Prince of the Church will march as the head of that debacle is a disgrace beyond belief - not to mention a cause of scandal for those very souls whom he is confirming in their mortal sin.


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