Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Catholic Mainstream Media - Thoroughly Corrupt

I've known for some time now that the mainstream Catholic media is nothing more than mouthpieces for the US bishops.  About 10 years ago, Cardinal McCarrick caused much rancor when he made plain his disdain for Canon 915.  Hundreds of people wrote letters to the Catholic Standard (archdiocesan paper) to protest.  At that time, the Standard abandoned its "letters to the editor" column.  It was that decision (among other factors) that impelled me to start this blog's sister website and to start shining the light on nonsense occurring here and elsewhere.

There is another bi-monthly publication by the Catholic Business Network that focuses on parishes (and advertisements for its members).  It's called Our Parish Times.  The CBN has always had permission to distribute OPT in parishes and as bulletin inserts.  In the beginning, they were definitely a grade or two above the Standard.  They weren't afraid to tackle some of the real issues facing the church.  However, once Bob McCarthy's column (the best one) disappeared from OPT, it because another milquetoast happy-clappy rag just like the Standard.  I might point out that when Father Guarnizo was treated so shamefully by the Archdiocese of Washington two lents ago, neither the Standard nor OPT saw fit to utter a peep about it - although the incident made international news.

Below the jump break I post two Vortex videos that detail just how pervasive is the corruption of mainstream Catholic media - and why we bloggers are desperately needed.

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  1. Yes indeed, you have to search far and wide to find out what's REALLY going on in the Church. Yours is one blog I visit often because it has the 'real scoop'. I have to say, however, Michael Voris has somehow been able to access several of Mother Angelica's old clips from back in the day when she was taking Bishops to the woodshed. It was a wonderful thing to watch. She took them apart limb by limb for their heretical ways and teachings. She showed them NO MERCY. Too bad EWTN has gone the other way since......has to make her sicker than she already is. Thanks for all you do to keep us informed.


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