Thursday, September 11, 2014

Yippee!! The Culture Wars Are Over!!

Now we can all join in the vacuous happy-face "let's all go along to get along" party!  At least that's what Cardinal Dolan said!  And we all know him to be a champion of the Faith!

Obviously, the above was said in jest.

In a macabre way, I can understand Dolan's perspective.  He has utterly surrendered to the Culture of Death and secularism and has in fact thrown in his lot with its proponents.  So of course he thinks "it's all over".

Except it isn't.  We're not going away.  Two big contingents of us that will not go away (and thus will be thorns to the Dolanites) are 1) pro-life activists and 2) Catholic bloggers and others utilizing electronic media.  We are armed by Our Lord, with prayer and the Sacraments.  Come what may, we will be engaging the Culture Wars - with or without so many faithless and feckless bishops!


  1. AMEN!! Don't forget the millions of us out here that have your back and are armed for battle as well!! We are in need of St. Michael in this day.....and of course our dear Blessed Mother that will indeed crush the head of the serpent one day. (doesn't seem to me to be awfully far off at this point) We are living in special times.

    St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.


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