Saturday, September 6, 2014

USCCB = Useless Syndicate of Crazed Communist Bishops

Thanks to the USCCB and their own fecklessness, many of the US bishops (not all, there are a few good bishops left, but way too few) have made plain their absolute disregard for the high demands of their vocations and of Our Lord.  Cardinal Dolan's malfeasance with the gay parade is but the latest example.  I'd suspect in a few months yet another scandal will emerge.

Listen to yesterday's Vortex on the matter.


  1. Well, Voris is ranting and raving about the crazy bishops, but his criticisms won't do a lick of good. He refuses to name the one person who allows these crazies to run wild in the first place. It's like condemning the Nazi's without naming Hitler. all of these bishops could go poof! tomorrow, but if the same Pope, or one just like him is still in charge, nothing will change.

  2. While it is true, a pope like Pope Saint Pious x has a different personality and might surely be handling things differently, it is very difficult to get rid of all the bad bishops at once. I don't know if it has been done ever before,but unmaking a Cardinal would be a great move and an important one, because any Cardinal can potentially be Pope, and if not they are the ones that vote for all future popes if they have not surpassed the their 80th year, I think that rule is still in place?

  3. There is a rite of deposition of Bishops which hasn't been used for a long time…maybe it ought to be brought back.


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