Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Why Is Cardinal Burke Being Demoted?

The news is all over the internet that Cardinal Raymond Burke, current head of the Apostolic Signatura, is to be relieved of that post and to be relegated to "patron of the Order of Malta".  See LifeSiteNews, Chiesa, Remnant, Breitbart.  Some time ago, the Cardinal was removed from his post at the Congregation for Bishops.  It seems that he was deemed to still have too much voice and influence at the Vatican, so off he has to go!

As head of the Apostolic Signatura, Cardinal Burke was slated to attend the Extraordinary Synod on the Family.  He has always been a defender of the practice of withholding Holy Communion from those Catholics who are divorced and civilly remarried. It is said that he collaborated with Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Muller and three other cardinals in writing a book that will be released October 1, warning the Synod not to relax nor change Church teachings regarding Communion to divorced and civilly remarried people.

That this demotion - and the 20-couple wedding extravaganza - occurs just before the Synod, is much more than mere coincidence.  I must agree with Rorate Caeli that this move against Burke is a direct insult and punishment for Burke's fidelity and courage in standing for the Tradition and teachings of the Church.

The "Patron of the Order of Malta" is merely a symbolic position, reserved for those prelates at or beyond retirement age.  But Cardinal Burke is only 66 years old.  That one of the few faithful prelates is being so degraded does, quite frankly, reflect badly on the judgment of Pope Francis.


  1. There is an article somewhere (cannot remember where, but look to Pewsitter) that states that the new book do out by the traditional Cardinals has infuriated Pope Francis. He has given orders not to promote the book. I realize I'm being rather sketchy with details, but I'm sure this piece of news will eventually go very viral. If I can find it again, I will come back to post more details about where to find it. Supposedly this news comes from a reliable source.

    Since Cardinal Burke is on the list of Cardinals that will participate in the upcoming Synod, I am now wondering if that will happen. convenient.......just in time to get rid of him for the Synod? Not to speak of the demotion being a real slap in the face. The position he is supposedly going to assign him to (Knights of Malta) is considered a 'part time' position that is given to Cardinals close to retiring. Cardinal Burke has a lot of work years left...he is only 64. It just seems to get worse.

  2. Oh and BTW......I was so very excited when I heard not too long ago, he would be participating in the Synod. I was hanging on to that hope.... and now?? Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions. I hope I am.

  3. Bishop Anathasius Scheider's statement that we are in the 'Fourth Great Crisis of the Church' and that we are headed for a split is starting to look very probable. Doesn't look good at all.


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