Thursday, September 18, 2014

More On The Disgraceful Treatment Of Cardinal Burke

I truly suspect the book on which Cardinal Burke collaborated, called Remaining in the Truth of Christ, had much to do with the de facto removal of Cardinal Burke from a position of influence at the Vatican.  Read what Rorate Caeli says on the matter.  As you read it, take note of the book and its publisher in case you want to procure your own copy.  I plan to do so.

I'd also recommend a look at what Pat Archibald says in his EWTN piece "The Humiliation of Cardinal Burke (No Spin Zone)".  What's in parenthesis is key.  So many of these incidents are piling up (I've documented just a few) that one simply can no longer put a "happy face" and play "three monkeys" regarding the proceeds from the Vatican and still maintain intellectual and yes, spiritual honesty.

We need to hold the Holy Father in prayer.  However, we must also be honest and not be afraid to articulate what we see.  Else, our prayers will be greatly reduced in efficacy.


  1. I just want to thank you for your courage to speak the truth and be intellectually and spiritually honest as you call all of us to be. You are a straight shooter and God knows how we need this in today's world ! Enough of the obfuscation. Tell the truth and shame the devil. We need to pray and fast ! We are here at the time when Jesus has said some evil can only be rid by prayer and fasting !

  2. And now ladies and gentlemen, to add to the Pope's 'removals' and 'appointments' of our American Bishops he has today, tapped a new Archbishop of Chicago!! (my Diocese) Archbishop Blase Cupich from Spokane, WA. What the media calls' a moderate unlike Cardinal George a conservative' that he will be replacing. Famous for his dislike for TLM, his instructions to NOT pray in front of abortion clinics and "the need to rethink the issue of abortion",(his exact words) his 'Dolanlike' acceptance of the gay community, and his intentions for more 'dialogue' and 'pastoral care' having a 'merciful approach' to the people of God in Chicago.
    Says he LOVES the direction Francis is taking the Church.

    I HOPE AND PRAY that this is media spin, but I fear not. We shall see as time goes on, as only time will really tell the whole story, but my fear is that we are SOL in Chicago and surrounding area. Cardinal George was fearless in the face of the 'Chicago Machine'. He was NEVER afraid to duel with them in public over abortion, ss marriage etc. A wonderful warrior for Christ and shepherd to His people of Chicago. Pray for him as he is very sick with cancer, and Chicago Catholics as well....we will be needing many prayers with this new 'appointment'. My heart is sick.


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