Friday, September 26, 2014

A Muslim Beheads An American - Will US Bishops Finally Learn Some Lessons?

Yesterday in Oklahoma, a recently-fired worker named Alton Nolen went on a murderous spree.  He had just been fired from Vaughn Foods and broke out his knife.  He beheaded one Vaughan Foods employee and was stabbing another when he was shot by the CEO and owner of Vaughan Foods, Mark Vaughan.  Co-workers said that Nolen had been trying to convert them to Islam.  Some accounts to read are Jihadwatch and  On Facebook he's known as Jah'Keem Yisrael.  Take a look at that page before it's taken down.  His firing had been occasioned by his insistence that women should be stoned for certain offenses, a common belief of Muslims.  I'd suspect his supervisors feared he could turn violent.  If so, their fears were realized.

Besides the general alert that beheading is now occurring on American soil, I think there are some real lessons, particularly for our US bishops.
  1. Moore, OK is about a 20-minute drive from Oklahoma City, maybe 11 miles in distance.  Nolen was said to have lived in Oklahoma City.  What happened in Oklahoma City this past Sunday?  The black mass - that is, worship of demons.  Can anyone doubt now that malevolent spiritual forces were given more free play by those participants in that demonic debacle?  When people flirt with evil, they open all sorts of doors that shouldn't be opened.
  2. If you didn't hear about the black mass until just now (or after it happened), that shows dereliction of duty on the parts of the US bishops.  With the obvious exception of OK's Archbishop Coakley, I do not recall hearing of one bishop who sounded the call for his flock to offer prayers and sacrifices.  All of them should have called their flocks to spiritual battle.  They didn't.  Why not?
  3. Nolen was stopped because Mark Vaughan exercised his Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms.  Had he not done so, that second woman would have died and there probably would have been more victims.  Under no circumstances should citizens be deprived of their abilities to defend themselves.  Our bishops should be ashamed of themselves for playing the lackey to governmental progressives in trying to strip us of our arms.
  4. The US bishops must cease their inane attempts to portray Islam to be morally equivalent to Christianity.  Yesterday's incident is just the latest evidence that the bishops' pipe dream could not be further from the truth.  That 66-page piece of poppycock that the USCCB wrote would be considered an utter joke if it wasn't based on dangerous naivete of the bishops (unless some of them are closet imams themselves).
We need to oppose our bishops loudly whenever and wherever they play the puppets of the progressives.

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