Monday, September 29, 2014

Faithful Catholics! We Must Step Outside Our Comfort Zones!

Today's Vortex is a report of the escapades of Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, OP, former head of the Dominicans who has jumped the tracks, so to speak, to shill for acceptance of the mortal sin of homosexual behavior.

Radcliffe had just concluded a speaking tour in the Diocese of San Diego.  Voris features some reactions of faithful Catholics in that diocese, and their frustrations at having their pleas for correction ignored and rebuffed by the chancery.  Question!  Is there more that faithful Catholics can do in such situations?  Most likely, yes BUT it will mean that we must step outside our comfort zones and raise our voices that will cause the dissidents and their supporters to lose their comfort.  More after the video.

My first experience of this was in September 2012.  A Montgomery County parish was planning a commemoration of the 9-11-01 attacks.  One feature of their commemoration was to allow Connie Morella to address the congregation from the pulpit (although I don't think this would have been during Mass).  At the time she was a "katholyc" US Representative.  Some of us got wind of this a few days beforehand and made clear that a picket would happen if she spoke (I bought a bull-horn for that occasion).  They saw the light of day and canceled her talk.  On that occasion a picket wasn't necessary - not so other occasions.

We found ourselves picketing Catholic high school commencements when the convocation addresses were being given by flagrant pro-aborts.  I link now to the protest we did outside Gonzaga's 2010 commencement, when Sr Carol Keehan was the main attraction.  We've also shed light on other planned travesties, such as the Catholic Businessmen's Network planned hosting of Mark Shriver last month.  After a number of us protested, it was determined that Shriver "had a scheduling conflict".

My point is that we cannot allow these scandalous events to proceed without pricking their consciences.  We have to aim to make them uncomfortable in the conduct of these debacles.  Yes, many will hate and despise us (as you might have noticed in the comments on my Gonzaga post).  So what?  They want to conduct their squalid sorties in quiet, low-key fashions.  We cannot reward them by being "polite" as these talks, etc are conducted.  Ideally, when we protest first in writing, phone calls, etc, they'll see the light and cancel.  If not, we must go into action.  We must be willing to raise protests, taking to the streets when advantageous.  Leaflet cars and parking lots where dissidents are speaking.  Picket outside the events.  Go inside and ask probing questions.  Who among us will commit to that?  If not, complaints to the chanceries will be useless.


  1. The men in the laity should perhaps peacefully remove this dissident priest from the church, with the remainder saying the Rosary.
    Other religions would not be as tolerant.

  2. Something drastic MUST be done here. This is not really a 'Catholic' priest. He doesn't look, act, or speak like one. Therefore, 'if it walks like a duck'.......etc.

  3. I think our vigilance suppose to be way wider then that:


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