Saturday, June 13, 2020

A Covid Silver Lining - Gay Pride Debaucheries Canceled

in previous posts I have written of some small benefits to the corona shutdown; see here, here, here.  Now in this month of June, we are blessedly aware of another.  June has been the month when sexual deviants have flaunted their various perversities in their so-called "gay pride parades".  They chose June because the warm weather would allow them to engage in all manners of undress as they simulated perverse acts on their parade floats.

This year, many cities will be spared that pollution, thanks to the corona virus.  We see on many of the gay sites that they have canceled their public orgies in fear of the corona virus.  That's rather understandable, given that many of the HIV-positive among them will have compromised immune systems.

We pray that one day these people and their sympathizers (especially those in the Catholic hierarchy) will come to fear God  at least as much as they fear the covid virus.


  1. Yes to that. Very few silver linings. Our town hosts what I call drunk fests all summer long and so far nary a one.

  2. God has His ways; He is the Master. He even uses evil to serve good. Here in Toronto the sodomites wail as it was banned a couple of months ago. The loathsome Mayor, nonetheless, raised the gay "pfag" (my spelling to draw out the abhorant lisp). Apparently the Toronto based sodomites indent on a "virtual" gay pride parade. Presumably they will perform obscene acts and live stream it to their debauched viewers.

    You perhaps should also know that the official "Catholic" schools in not just Toronto, but across Ontario are going "gay crazy. Openly declaring "gay pride" month, and advocating sodomy as equal to chaste, holy Matrimony.

  3. And here I was thinking that the elimination of hand holding during the Our Father was the silver lining.

    1. That certainly is a valid silver lining! Another is the elimination of the glad-handing, back-slapping howdy-dos that happened during the "sign of peace".


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