Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Baltimore Catholics! You Must Be Doing Something Right!

A source who must remain unnamed forwarded a snippet of communication received from the Archdiocese of Baltimore:  (begin snippet)

Office of the Neumann Vicar
1) Parishes that received envelopes from the CCHD collection without money in them, but with notes or “coupons” protesting the CCHD should send them directly to Bishop Madden’s office at the Catholic Center.

(end snippet)

Now what does that mean?  Will you be receiving "guilt trip" letters?  If so, I'd suggest that you point out your support of authentically Catholic charities: those that actually perform the Works of Mercy (both corporal and spiritual).  You might also point out these most serious gaffes of the Baltimore CCHD office: funding a prisoner-advocate group to have a child molester lobby against landlord rights (our November 9th posting) or, the funding of the Baltmore ACORN from local funds so that they can tell pimps how to engage in sex trafficking of underage girls (our September 23rd posting).

Or just put it in the trash.  If any other fallout occurs, please advise via the comment box.  Thank you, and again - congratulations!  You have made your concerns known to the Archdiocese CCHD, and they have taken note!


  1. Now this gives me a brainstorm. If we're so unfortunate as to have to contend with this quasi-extortion next year, we're going to have an Envelope-Stuffing Contest! Basically, we'll see how many acorns a person can stuff in one of those CCHD offertory envelopes. Of course, the contestant will have to deposit said envelope in the collection basket. We'll still have to work out the details; I'm open to suggestions!


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