Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some Bishops "Strong-Arm" for CCHD Collection - Thus Betraying Its Moral Vacuity

In a recent letter to his priests, Bishop Loverde of the Diocese of Arlington (VA) has ordered his priests to take up the CCHD collection next weekend.  Read the letter carefully.  Note that he speaks in no uncertain terms to his priests about this collection.  He should be so bold and forthright when it come to obedience to Canon 915!

Notice that he also requires no negative commentary.  There is only one reason why he'd be stipulating that - because he must have received plenty of protests from priests who understand how nefarious the CCHD truly is.  Our colleagues at Les Femmes who are located in the Diocese of Arlington have been shedding the light on one particularly problematic recipient of local CCHD funds - Virginians Organized for Interfaith Engagement (VOICE for short).  They have reported on information that links the Fort Hood shooter to a Virginia mosque within the VOICE network.  That same mosque may have been frequented by some of the 9/11 terrorists.  And Bishop Loverde wants "no negative commentary"?

Here is the letter that the bishop mentioned in his directions to his priests.  Note that he really doesn't address the substantive issues that we, Les Femmes and many other are bringing to light.  After reading this, you might want to review the video posted a few days ago from EWTN.

The priests are vowed to obedience to the bishop.  Therefore, they must comply with his instructions, both in what they say and what they do.  However, we laity are free to sound our protests loud and clear, regardless of whether or not prelates regard them as "negative".  The best protest would be a note in that envelope explaining why, in no uncertain terms, CCHD will not receive one red penny of your money.

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