Thursday, November 19, 2009

More Scandal at Baltimore CCHD

In the September 23rd posting, we saw that the Baltimore CCHD granted $10k in 2008 to the local ACORN - one of the first ACORN branches to be caught acting as a whorehouse advisory services, giving counsel as to how to exploit underage girls without getting caught.  We now learn from Accuracy in Media and a post in that the same Baltimore CCHD funded an outfit called "Out for Justice / Alternative Directions."  On the staff of Alternative Directions is one Jay Sherr - a convicted child pornographer.  Follow the links on the Freerepublic page.  Both Out for Justice and Alternative Directions advocate for released prisoners.  One of the goals for "Out for Justice" is the removal of the right of a landlord to inquire about the criminal record of someone applying to rent a unit.  Translation - they want to remove legal protections of landlords and neighbors from potentially dangerous neighbors and tenants.  Baltimore CCHD, therefore, is funding efforts to expose innocent people in their own neighborhoods to perverts and felons.

The reasons to boycott the CCHD collection this weekend are crawling out from under the rocks at an astonishing pace.

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