Thursday, November 5, 2009

Urgent! Your Prayers and Presence Requested at Capitol Sat Nov 7th!

I received an email blast that the Obama-concocted death trap laughingly referred to as a "health care bill" is scheduled for a floor vote this Saturday at 6pm.

Much has happened in terms of protests this past week. However, on Saturday evening, the proverbial "rubber will hit the road". I am therefore asking that Catholics join me at the southeast corner of Constitution Avenue and First Street, NE on Saturday at 5pm to pray the Rosary to beg God's graces in preventing a disastrous vote. This location is directly accross the street from the Capitol. If you take the metro, take it to Union Station and then just walk south on First Street. Of course all good people are invited to join us and pray in accordance with your own traditions. If you plan to be there, please advise via the comments at the bottom of this post.

Between now and then, please pray and contact your own congressional representatives.


  1. If you take the metro, take...

    Oh, please. Republicans don't take the public transit option. Tell your driver to drop you off on the corner of Constitution and First.

  2. Aw, gee whiz, Katherine! Your brilliant suggestion came four days too late. But thanks anyway for the wonderful idea. I'm sure it was inspired by such stellar giants such as Madame Pelosi who just had to have a bigger jet built on our dime so she could fly non-stop between here and California, or the Messiah Most Miserable himself who had a pizza chef flown from St Louis because he just loved that pizza. Such marvelous inspirations from those who want to run our health care!


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