Friday, November 20, 2009

CCHD - Ties to George Soros??

The video below outlines the various common allies that CCHD and George Soros have - too many to be coincidental.  As you watch, please take some note of the mentions of the Gamaliel Foundation.

Now read an earlier post from October 28th that I put up regarding questionable grant recipients from the DC area CCHD.  You'll notice that two of the recipients are hyperlinked to their websites.  Both of these, by the way, appear on the back page of the Nov 19th issue of the Catholic Standard.  I asked you to take note of the mentions of the Gamaliel Foundation as you watched the video above because the Partnership for Renewal in Southern & Central Maryland is an affiliate of Gamaliel - the same outfit that helped Obama launch his deplorable political career.  I will also reiterate that the Washington Interfaith Network is an affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation, established by Saul Alinsky himself.

It seems that every day there's a new revelation of some stinking worm crawling out from under the CCHD.  Its very foundation is sordid, being the brainchild of Saul Alinsky and Msgr Jack Egan (an Alinsky drone) to separate Catholics from their money to fund all sorts of anti-Catholic and anti-life organizations. 

Again I urge a complete boycott of the CCHD collection this weekend!  In lieu of money, you may place one of these coupons in your second collection envelope.  Give your donation dollars to truly authentic Catholic and/or prolife charities.

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