Sunday, November 22, 2009

Manhattan Declaration - Caveat Emptor!

I'm getting all kinds of emails, gushing over this website   When I go to it, though, I can see no signs of its origins.

Warning flags are flying all over the place regarding this website. I did a "whois" search on it, as I am always leery of these highfalooting-sounding things that seem to bear no names nor signs of ownership. It is registered to a fellow named Reuel Sample of Knoxville TN. I found his personal web page He is now director of something called Fellowship of Ailbe in "the Celtic Christian" tradition. Here's that website It does bill itself as a parallel to Roman Catholicism.

So those who've signed this so-called "Declaration" have just given over their information to a very questionable contact data base. As far as I'm concerned, this is a rotten apple.

Remember when, right after the Obama election, we had "petitions" popping up out of the woodwork, claiming that if you didn't sign their particular petition, we'd go to hell in a handbasket? At that time, I could count on receiving at least 4 of them every week. They were only attempts to collect contact information for databases. Now think - just what tangible, essential good will this "manhattan" thing bring us that nothing else can? Folks, I don't care who signs it; their prominence or their fame is irrelevant to the merit of the manhattan thing. If anyone can show me where they've done due-dilligence research (as I have) and can show me tangible proof that this thing is worth all the hoopla it's getting, I'm game to listen. Until then, I'd advise folks to start taking a more skeptical look at these things and not to glom onto any old thing out of fear and desperation.

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