Sunday, November 29, 2009

Climategate and the Catholic Church

Most people are aware of the recent hacking of emails within the servers of the Climate Research Unit of East Anglia University.  Regardless of how these emails were obtained, they are what they are.  They reveal much deceit on the part of proponents of the "global warming" theory - a hoax upon which the quasi-socialists in DC, including the Messiah Most Miserable, are basing their schemes to seize our money and control over our lives.  Watch the interview below where a retired climatologist discusses the implications of the hacked emails.

Did you notice that he said that some of the emails were between the scientists and a reporter at the New York Times?  Now do we know why they (and their mass-media colleagues) have been absolutely silent on this matter?  Oh, by the way.  This is the same New York Times that published private emails of then Vice Presidential candidate Governor Palin when her yahoo account was hacked, so their attempt to claim moral high ground here is laughable at best.  Anyway, we have further proof that this so-called "global-warming" is a gigantic concocted hoax.

So why does this discussion appear on a blog that ostensibly deals with things Catholic?  That's a good question, and the answer is simple.  There are bishops that have glommed onto the global-warming schtick, hook-line-sinker.  On the website we reported how "Cardinal McCarrick went green" - and prayed before an iceberg (first item).  In fact, the USCCB seems to have been hoodwinked by this, as evidenced by this statement.  We've known all along that there is no "growing challenge of global climate change", so maybe they will now stop getting all atwitter over it and start proclaiming the True Faith and True Morals.

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