Wednesday, November 25, 2009

CINOs O'Malley and Kaine Hold Joint Foot-In-Mouth Conference

It's the eve of Thanksgiving and our thoughts are geared towards preparations for tomorrow's feast.  However, because Catholic-bashers take no holidays, neither can we.

I read in today's Washington Times that the governors of Maryland and Virginia, both Catholics-in-name-only, O'Malley and Kaine, took umbrage at the Archdiocese of Washington because the latter announced that it would be constrained by the draconian DC city regulations that would compromise the Church's ability to carry on its social services.  Snorts O'Malley, "It would be very, very sad for all concerned. I don't understand how they can possibly do this."  "They", however, means the Archdiocese.

Dear Governors, let me explain some common sense and your own faith to you.  It is the Archdiocese that is having the proverbial screws applied to it.  We as the Church serve the poor and perform other works of mercy because we act in obedience to the commands of Jesus Christ.  However, we obey ALL of the commands of Our Lord, not just the ones deemed "politically correct" by the liberal Democratic establishment.  It is that obedience to the Magisterium that defines who we are and thus what we do.  Our service to the poor stems from our obedience to the Magisterium in all things pertaining to faith and morals.  We serve on God's terms, not on the the terms of those who would eject God from public life.  To put it succinctly, without faith and morals, there are no works of faith.  We must serve God rather than the whims of political wonks.

Again, we as a Church will serve as we can without compromising who we are and the God whom we serve.  Dear Governors, do you understand English?  By the way, are these the same liberals who so often gripe and moan about "separation of church and state"?  Yet here are these government officials trying to dictate to the Church what they want us to do?  My!  That "wall" certainly seems to come and go at the whims of select people, doesn't it now?  But we do notice the basic strategy here.  The Democrat libs in the DC City Council make it impossible for the Church to carry out her mission in its entirety, then these Dem libs from Maryland and Virginia swoop in for the kill by mocking the Church for being unable to render the services in accord with its identity.  In other words, they say to the Church, "You will be and do what we dictate, or else!"

Speaking of government officials, do remember that 2010 elections are around the corner.  We can say anything we want, as we are not a 501c3 charity.  These two CINOs really do need to receive their pink slips asap.  (An after-the-fact correction.  Kaine DID receive his during VA's special election.  Now O'Malley and many more of these people need to be relieved of their offices.)

We also remind you of a tool we developed last year - Wisdom on Windshields.  You see, you might see on a car at your Catholic church a bumper strip or other decal stating support of a pro-abortion politician or candidate.  However, you might also be rushing into Mas and/or not see the car owner.  No problem!  Just deposit a Wisdom on Windshields flyer under the wiper or in the car door (make sure it can't blow away).  You can download it here and have it handy on your own computer.  Print it out and always carry a supply with you to Church, as you'll never know when an opportunity will arise to educate an ignorant fellow Catholic.  Those of you in other areas of the country should feel free to copy the language to your own letterhead, as your politicians may not be impressed with our Maryland address.

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