Saturday, November 14, 2009

USCCB Trolls for "Good Works of CCHD" - In Vain!

In a November 13th press release, the USCCB website braggs that "Diocesan Projects Highlight the Good Works of CCHD". Well, let's take a look!

We first hear about Federation of Congregations United to Serve (FOCUS). Right off the bat, we learn that they're a PICO affiliate. Looking at the PICO site under "latest news" we see them extolling the achievements of "Massachusetts faith leaders" in securing commitments from Barney Frank and the Fed Reserve to keep families in their homes. Now doesn't that just make your heart go pitter-patter? After all, Frank et al have done such a stellar job in keeping families in their homes over the past year - right? (Please stop snickering right now!) Of course they're all gung-ho for the Obama Death Bill that passed the House last week. One of their affiliates went so far as to lament the fact that good people with common sense are finding their voices and protesting this nonsense. And the USCCB calls this a "good work"? Let's proceed.

We now examine Minnesota Immigrant Freedom Network. Its mission statement states, "Our initiatives help eliminate discrimination based on immigration status to ensure all new Americans can fully participate in building a more united and sustainable Minnesota economy." Let's translate the politically-correct gobblygoop into plain language. "We don't care if you break our laws! You can have a piece of the pie bought by law-abiding Americans simply because we're such nice suckers!" Again, I fail to see how this is a "good work".

Let's move onto Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless (two of them from Minnesota?). All they seem to do is foster the naive notion that government can and should take care of all human needs. Read their position paper to that effect. Look under "income security" and "health security". What we have here is a blatant violation of the Catholic principle of subsidiarity - a principle that the USCCB seems to hold in disdain.

As I said in previous posts, I believe that the CCHD is beyond reform simply because the purpose behind its very establishment was nefarious from the beginning. As I read such tripe on the USCCB webpage, I am all the more convinced that the USCCB itself should go into the dungheap of infamous history.

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