Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Good for Bishop Tobin of Rhode Island!!

Finally there's a bishop who's not afraid to take a dissident Catholic to the woodshed simply because that Catholic bears the Kennedy name. Most of you are aware that Patrick Kennedy seems to be charging along his recently-deceased father's chequered footsteps. I did post a bit about that not too long ago.
I'll redirect you to Jill Stanek's blog, where she summarizes the situation nicely. Bishop Tobin has released a public letter to Kennedy in the online version of his diocesan newsletter. I urge you to read it to see how a real bishop talks.
Perhaps his willy-nilly brothers will see his example and rediscover their own faith and backbones. Who knows? We might even see Canon 915 being obeyed. We might once again see some vitality in the Church restored. Thank you, Bishop Tobin!

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