Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Montgomery County Council Attempting to Shove More Perversion Down Our Throats

After their nefarious victory with transgender "rights" last year (Bill 23-07), the Montgomery County Council is now attempting to force the private sector to provide same-sex benefits for their employees. The idea is that contractors will have to provide to their employees the same benefits that County employees enjoy if they are to be awarded contracts from Montgomery County.

The photo at the right is the Council, along with members of Equality Maryland, announcing this proposed bill. The woman at the left, with the green blouse, is Duchy Trachtenberg, the at-large councilperson who introduced Bill 23-07 in 2007. The tall blond individual, directly under what appears to be a tv screen, is Dr. Dana Beyer. Dr Beyer is a staffperson of Trachtenberg's, and the vice president of Equality Maryland. Dr. Beyer's first name used to be Wayne. It was legally changed in 2002. Trachenberg, Beyer's boss, is (or was) the Mid Atlantic Regional Director for National Organization of Women (NOW), a rabidly pro-abortion organization. Such are the folks who occupy high places in Montgomery County Government.

At any rate, this new nightmare is just starting to rear its ugly head. In the face of this new peril, what will be the response of the local Catholic parishes? Will they sit on their hands as we the laity try to fight this? Will they refuse to assist until it's "too little, too late" as they did in 2007-2008 with the last debacle?
We must all sit up and take notice. Let's nip this one in the bud.

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