Tuesday, November 3, 2009

USCCB - Starting to Smell the Coffee?

I speak, of course, regarding the USCCB stance on the current Obamacare debacle that the Reid-Pelosi cartel is trying to stuff down our throats. At the USCCB, some sleepyheads are starting to rub their eyes a bit, although they're far from being fully awake. They are no longer in denial that abortion is fully ensconced in the bill and are now trying to get the nations' parishes in gear to oppose the bill in its current form (about time!).

The bishops assert that "healthcare is a human right". Well, be that as it may, does it therefore logically follow that healthcare falls within the purview of Federal government? There seems to be a tacit belief on their part that it does - which of course flies in the face of the Principle of Subsidiarity. Moreover, in their unspoken belief that healthcare is Federal responsbility, they lurch dangerously towards socialistic mindsets. Go to the bottom of the linked page to see what some recent Pontiffs had to say about the dangers of socialism.

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