Monday, November 9, 2009

CCHD Boycott - Getting Down to the Wire

The CCHD second collection is less than two weeks away. We not only urge you to boycott this on Nov 22nd, but also to encourage your family, friends and other fellow Catholics to do the same. To this end, I've designed a flyer that briefly describes the current systemic problems of the CCHD and where to find more information. You may download it to email or print out for distribution.

Additionally, you may download and print this envelope stuffer to put in the Nov 22nd envelope in lieu of money. You might also visit the site for alternate envelope stuffers and more information.

I'd also like to direct you to an interview done by Pro Life Unity Radio this past weekend. Please listen to the November 7th interview.

If you have questions or concerns, please note them in the comments box below. Let's move on this, as time is of the essense. Thanks.

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