Thursday, May 6, 2010

Archdiocese of Washington Catholics Chant "Global Warming" Mantra

Numerous posts on this blog have debunked the junk science known as "climate change".  I need not repeat all that on this blog.  That being said, I am saddened, though not surprised, to see the Catholic Standard jump on the politically correct twin bandwagons called "immigration reform" and "climate change".

I reported earlier on the "environmental events" scheduled for the ADW.  One of them has since occurred: the May 1st conference on "Faith, Environment etc".  An account of the event is on page 10 of the May 6th edition; at this time, there is no online version.  William Dinges of Catholic University of America apparently waxed hysterical about the "speed and scope of human destruction on Earth...unprecedented."  (Note: the capital E in "Earth" was in the article; I never would have done that of my own volition.)  He then criticized "faith communities" for their "delayed reaction to the crisis" and failure to "read signs of the times."  He also opined that if we "don't act responsibly,..our children will inheret the ruins."

They also heard from Cecilia Calvo, who is the "Environmental Justice Program Coordinator" for the USCCB.   Her office is under the Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development of the USCCB.  In other words, she reports to John Carr.  She states that "our carbon footprint effects us all".  While she cites her beliefs that these "footprints" will harm the poor, she fails (or refuses) to understand how she and her cronies are aiding and abetting the progressives who will ultimately harm the poor in fact. 

Also featured were John Combs and Regina Carelli who are members of the archdiocesan environmental outreach committee.  You might recall that this committee was responsible for introducing us all to that farce known as the "lenten carbon fast".

The article features what I think is a truly disgraceful outflow of this junk-science hysteria.  We see therein a picture of some school children of St Mary's of Bryantown who have turned their classroom into a model rainforest.  There is so much fake foliage and other sundry junk hanging from the ceiling that I wonder how they aren't violating all sorts of fire codes.

So on and on they snort and snarl about foolish man destroying our resources - all without one peep about the greatest resource of all being wantonly brutalized.  I speak of our unborn children who are aborted by the thousands each day.  The silence of these "environmental" types speak volumes.  Hey - even Planned Parenthood, baby-killers par excellance, are "eco-friendly", as Jill Stanek reports.

Now actually there is a way to focus on the children while "helping mother earth"!  It has been known for quite some time that contraceptives, always forbidden by the Church on pain of mortal sin, not only kill unborn children, but they're harmful to the environment.  The estrogen from these pills do not stay in the human body.  They do make their way through the sewer systems into our water supply.  They are having a "feminzing" effect on male fish, thus threatening their populations.   American Life League is conducting a "Kill the Pill" protest on June 5, 2010.  Go to their website for further details.  Stand for life and for the environment!

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