Friday, May 28, 2010

Niggers of the New Age! That's US!

Watch this video and understand that incidents like this are happening with greater frequency to those who hold traditional Christian beliefs and moral principles, and who have the audacity to exercise First Amendment rights.  (Click here if you can't see embedded videos)

Also understand that secular officials are NOT the only such bigots.  Many of these bigots are to be found in high offices of the catholyc hierarchy.  A most stark "case in point" happened at the Red Mass last October.  Recall that this Mass happened just after Sonia Sotomayor, a rabid pro-abortion "catholyc in name only", was confirmed to the Supreme Court.  She attended that Mass, along with a plethora of dissidents who had no business receiving Communion.  HOWEVER - a faithful Catholic was denied entrance to St Matthews, where she normally attends Mass.  For what high crime and misdeanor was she denied entrance?  She wore a shirt that had the words "Pro Life" on the front!  I suppose the spaghetti-spined officials didn't want their pro-abort pals to see that shirt, with its sentiments of truth on it - why, they might have been offended!  Oh, horrors.  I link back to that post now so that you can see what happened to that poor lady. 

If we don't speak out now and put some calcium in our spines, incidents such as these will become more and more frequent as evildoers and their boot-lickers are emboldened.  Assistance can be found with Alliance Defense Fund; they are currently working on a number of related cases in Maryland.

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