Friday, May 21, 2010

Response to a Comment on Yesterday's KofC Post

My response is rather lengthy for the comment section.  I'll post it here.

I must take issue with several things written in the first comment to yesterday's post on the KofC. First, he is correct in saying that we must not try to be "more Catholic than the bishops". However, by the same token, we must not try to be less Catholic than the bishops. Each of us is called to be as faithful to Jesus Christ and His Church to the greatest extent that we can be.  Should that have the unintended effect of making a person or collection of people appear to be more or less Catholic than we, then what of it?

Now I think we have to be honest here; it is - unfortunately - not that hard to appear as though we are "more Catholic than the bishops." That might be more a reflection on them than us. I don't know. Whatever it is, I don't think that is an occasion for pride. We might want to also be on the lookout for false humility, if we're going to go that route.

Now as far as bishops "not wanting to cut a soul loose", I think that's factually incorrect. When a person publicly supports and/or facilitates abortion, they incur excommunication latentae sententiae, do they not? They cut themselves loose, not the bishops. What is lacking is the bishops not disciplining these recalcitrant Catholics, so that they will seek repentance that will lead once again to full communion - and perhaps stave off eternal damnation.  Again, I'll reiterate "kudus" to the Bishop of Phoenix for dealing with the abortionist-enabling Sister Margaret McBride.

There is also the issue of scandal. Perhaps the focus is too much on the disobedient Catholics, at the expense of those who are struggling with doubts and who may be led astray by the two-fold prong of 1) bad example and 2) lack of resolve on the part of the bishops. I realize that half the attendees at Mass might be pro-abortion, but the operative word there is "might". We don't know.  The pro-abortion politicians trumpet their dissidence; there is no uncertainty as they proudly and arrogantly display their disdain for the Magisterium

One more thing about this "not being more Catholic than the bishops" schtick. How was that insinuated into this conversation? From whence did that originate? I have my suspicions!

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  1. Nothing insinuated by "more Catholic than the Bishops" other than I get this thrown at me as do all tradition-minded Catholics. While it is cliche, it's also a good point to stop us ONE SECOND and make us do a reality check on our position, to assure we mean to remain humble as we otherwise intended to be. Of course, we're called by God to do as much as possible to know, love, and serve Him - and just as you point out(!), if that puts us out in front of the bishopson the street, that's not our over-stepping if they're not moving hardly at all.

    What really bugs me is - why do we have to keep asking ourslves if we're overstepping - why wont the bishops come clean in a way and tell us what their thinking, reasoning is for seeming to go SO SLOW, for seeming to do NOTHING at all? Why do I have to keep guessing that maybe they don't want to lose souls or cut them off or some other maybe BASELESS reasoning that I've fallen into? Incompetence or genius?

    Makes me feel like a young woman sitting at home trying to think "why isn't he calling me?". I know the answer to that one: idiot or not, he's not thinking of you. So....are the bishops just not thinking of these Eucharist desecrators? Is it no big deal? There are much bigger fish to fry? Or, maybe we are being called to lead them here? Maybe, like the boy who doesn't call as he said he would, they lack the leadership quality.

    Randall Terry's been trying to do this with Vatican Officials and US Bishops privately, respectfully, and also vocally, publicly - yet no explanation comes out excpet this bishop thinks it's bad, this bishop thinks it's OK. Poor Jesus, such weak folks in Your Church, You'd think You had so many handmaids to use.


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