Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pro-Abort Leaders Make Fools of Themselves! So What Else Is New?

Remember the Newsweek article two weeks ago, in which all the aging crones, uh, I mean, the venerable pioneers of the feminazi feminist movement lamented the seeming apathy of their heirs apparent (that is, the ones they so graciously allowed to be born)?

Well, now it seems that a bunch of pro-abort bloggers are chiding "pro-choice men" for not carrying their weight and for leaving it all up to the women.  Yes, you're hearing this complaint from the same bunch who get insulted if a man should dare to hold a door open for them.  Jill Stanek collected a montage of these complaints in her own blog, and then asked her question, "why the shortage of pro-choice men?"  Here I'll humbly offer my own thoughts for consideration.

  1. The term "pro-choice men" is an oxymoron.  No true man will stand by and let a helpless child be murdered.  Much less will he coerce his significant other to murder their own child.  These creatures might more appropriately be called "guys" or "males", but they don't deserve to be called "men".
  2. For so long these pro-abort broads have ballyhooed that men have nothing to say about abortion, "since they can't get pregnant".  On the sidewalk, I've heard so many of the female deathscorts hurl this into the teeth of my pro-life colleagues who are men (in the true sense of the word).  Even the male deathscorts dutifully recite this mandatory mantra - the poor emasculated dears!  So now the pro-abort slave-drivers think they can just yank the chains the other way and their male drones will dutifully respond?
  3. On that last question, the pro-abort gals may well be correct.  Why?  The males may be wimps, but they know what they must do for their jollies.  They know that they will want abortion in order to keep their harems and stables available at all times.
All this is evidence that when one places oneself at the service of death, there are many dire consequences: the distortion of decent human nature, a decreased ability to think logically, and ultimately, if one does not repent and turn to God, damnation.

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