Thursday, May 27, 2010

Graduation Speaker Outrage Scheduled at DC's Gonzaga High

Gonzaga College High School, located on North Capitol Street between H and K Streets NW in Washington DC, will hold its commencement ceremony on Sunday, June 6, at 1:00pm.  The graduation speaker is Sister Carol Keehan - the same woman who used her influence to support the Obama Hell Bill last March.

I've posted much on her treachery in this blog, along with actions taken by clergy and organizations that have been truly commendable.  For instance, I call to your memories a letter written to Sr Keehan by Bishop Tobin when he severed ties with the Catholic Health Assocation (of which she is president).

Here is some pertinent information on Sister's Hell Care debacle: in this post, and now this post.  More information can be gleaned from Lifenews.  Also, please read this article from Catholic Advocate.

Two months ago, Sister Keehan was slated to speak at the John Carroll Society Annual Dinner.  When Sister's malfeasances were highlighted to the dinner planners, it was announced that Sister "couldn't make it".

Gonzaga's official address is: 19 Eye Street NW, Washington, DC  20001.  Its president is Rev Allen Novotny, S.J.  His email address is and his phone is (202) 336-7171.  The headmaster is Rev. Vincent Conti, S.J.  His email address is and his phone is (202) 336-7161.

When you contact these men, please be very matter-of-fact and cordial.  It's quite possible that they booked her appearance before she disgraced her religious vows in March.  I'd appreciate hearing of any replies you receive.  That will help determine whether or not further action is necessary.


  1. It is also important that Archbishop Wuerl step in and stop this. However, he will not.

  2. I just sent this to Fr. Novotny. Any messages sent should be respectful. I'll report any reply.

    I'm disappointed with your graduation speaker, Sr. Carol Keehan. She defied the Catholic Bishops in supporting the health care bill. The good done by the health care bill can never outweigh the evil of using tax dollars for abortion. Sr. Carol knew this and provided Catholic support for a tragically flawed bill none the less.

    Jack Priestley
    Gonzaga teacher '79-'81

  3. I received this from Fr. Novotony (and the fact that Cardinal McCarrick will be present adds nothing in my opinion):

    Thank you for your email.

    As to graduation, I regret you feel that way. I can assure you that Gonzaga is not making a political statement, or any other kind of statement on health care reform. Health care solutions are about people, and this is one who has given her life and professional career to caring for the sick, especially the poor, and so is worthy to be heard. For her efforts, she has been honored by Pope Benedict and singled out by President Bush in a State of the Union speech during which she sat next to the first lady. I know her personally, and I believe her example of service is exemplary. Cardinal McCarrick will be on hand to deliver the invocation and the Superintendent of Catholic Schools will be there as well.

    FYI, I have attached her bio, as well as an editorial from America magazine.

  4. To the June 1st Anonymous commenter:
    I received a very similar response myself. What Father fails to mention about the award from the Holy Father is that it was given to Sister well before her disgraceful behavior two months ago. Whatever aid she might well have rendered to people in the past has been more than negated by the harm now staring unborn children in the eye that she helped to unleash on them.

  5. It seems the jesuits are trying two tactics to thwart the pro lifers.

    1) pretending we are making a summary judgement on Sr. and then responding with a list of her impressive accomplishments.

    2) pretending unbending support for life means we don't care about other charitable acts of the clergy...pretending the two are mutually exlusive.

    Ultimately, for many of us Catholics being pro life defines us. It is in this light that Fr. Novotony's decision to invite Sr is a huge mistake. Sure, he will probably win this battle, she'll be invited, he'll shove it in our faces and be prideful, but ultimately he'll lose the emotional closeness and support that many of us have felt towards Gonzaga until now.

    He is getting my e-mail and for the first time in 10 years I'll not donate to Gonzaga, instead my money will go to National Right to Life. I won't be in the donor book this year.

    Its too bad when great institutions get corrupted.

  6. I have had a fairly good relationship with Gonzaga for a number of years, and I must protest the comments made by the previous writers. First of all, Gonzaga is not a corrupted institution. Having attended there myself, I know first hand that what these teachers are impart upon their pupils is how Catholics should live: as good, loving citizens committed to doing justice in our world. To criticize the staff, faculty, students, and the school itself as being "corrutped" is quite ignorant, and I admonish the writer who wrote as such.
    Also, Fr. Novotony is not trying to "shove" anything into anyone's face. He is one of the kindest, honest, and most loving individuals I have ever met, and the fact that he invited Sr. Keenan (supposedly a person of "disgraceful behavior," while she is actually a very loving, very eloquent individual) is a great sign of Christian love, because if she was this horrible sinner that this blog assumes she is, he is living like Jesus would have wanted to: Love the Saints and the Sinners!!! By the way, may I remind this blog that God loves each and every one of us, even though we sin ourselves!!!!
    I have never agreed with the Health Care Bill myself; in fact, I think it is lewd and disgusting the way it was carried through Congress. But, this does not mean that I despise any person who supports this bill. HATE THE SIN, NOT THE SINNER!!!
    I do hope that this does not get deleted as going directly against this website's purpose. I am pleased that there are people trying to instill in DC a sense of Catholic morality. What I am trying to write is a new perspective. I do hope you consider this with an open heart, and that this might change your opinion. Now, it's up to you and God to discuss.
    I give you all my love, and best wishes
    God Bless,
    -New Perspective

  7. I am a rising senior at Gonzaga College High School and i was at attendance today, Sunday June 6, at the graduation ceremony. During the ceremony a lady stood up, subsequent to Sr Keehan's address, and accused her of supporting "legalized child killing" and called her a "socialist" at the top of her lungs. Quite frankly, the entire congregation was shocked and appalled. While I and many others at attendance appreciate the effort to instill Catholic morality in D.C., the condemnations, rash judgments and assumptions in this site fuel what i can only describe as apocryphal righteousness that disrespects the word of God which we know to be one of understanding and love. The way in which the Pro-life message today was delivered, both by the lady who interrupted and the protesters outside of the church was in extremely poor taste. There is a time, place, and way to go about such things and this latest endeavor has failed in all three criteria. In response to claims that Gonzaga is a "corrupt institution" i can only say that the accusers speak out of ignorance. Abortion is not disguised as a political issue. It is not ignored for being too controversial. In fact, in every single religious studies class offered (of which all are mandatory for all four years) abortion is discussed at great lengths. Furthermore, the faculty makes every effort to preach the Church's stance on sustaining life. What it does not do and which i respect above all else is indoctrinate its students blindly into an ideology; rather, Gonzaga EDUCATES students into realizing and rationalizing for themselves the sinfulness of abortion. Evidently this system works and is smiled upon by God since i have both witnessed and experienced enlightenment on abortion without the threats of damnation and orders of obedience barraged upon my back. Now I do not know Sister Keehan in great detail but unlike the lady who interrupted and the protesters, i listened to her speech. She gave the graduating class the advice of knowing what inspires them and to consciously choose for themselves what should guide them through life. From what I know of her and from the testimony of Fr. Novotny, Sister Keehan has certainly let Jesus' mission of caring for the lesser among us, Gonzaga's motto, "men for others", and that love shows itself more in deeds than in words, inspire and guide her to follow God's will and carry out his commandments. I can only pray that we can all follow her example


  8. Misguided EffortsJune 7, 2010 at 3:27 PM

    Personally, I think that protests of, with the exception of one controversy, a universally honored and beloved nun at a Catholic high school graduation well-known for its pro-life education and participation in March for Life seems a bit misguided.

    A few points:

    There is no consensus, whatsoever, in the Catholic Church that abortion will be funded with the health care bill. Those that oppose the bill, in terms of actual representatives of the Church that you cite, such as Bishop Tobin, the most that is said is that abortion might "possibly" be funded.

    The idea that the fundamental and necessary task of overhauling a increasingly broken health care system, something to allow to continue to exist would oppose Christ's central message of Social Justice, to think that the entire point of an effort to insure one out of six Americans is to somehow fund a few more abortions, is patently absurd.

    Yes, the bill has been passed, and not a single abortion has been funded as a result of it. What would happen regardless of the language, and will happen, is that someone is going to try to use federal funds for abortion, and a case will come up as a result of that. That ruling will be the only thing that will make clear what the future will hold.

    Who among you is honestly a health care expert (something that Sister Keehan has far more experience than I do) or is an expert in legislative language, such that you know for a fact that abortions will be funded? There is some controversy, that is undeniable. And for some reason both Cardinal McCarrick or the Superintendant of Catholic Schools disagree with you. You may wish to take this into consideration.

    A Gonzaga Graduate, C' 2010



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