Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Elena Kagan - Another Disaster Looms for Supreme Court - Prayer Vigil to Combat It

President Obama has nominated U.S. Soliciter General to replace John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court.  Naturally she is pro-abortion and pro-gay "marriage".  Would the Messiah Most Miserable have nominated her if she wasn't?

The real question is "will the Senate Republicans have the guts and gonads to fight to the n-th degree this nomination"?  Will the God-fearing people have the stamina and courage to hold their senators' feet to the fire?

Prayer is needed.  To that end, I now advise you of a prayer effort that will begin May 14th.  I now append the announcement below:

Beginning on the Friday after Ascension Thursday, May 14, 2010, and ending the Saturday before
Pentecost, May 22, 2010, a novena will be held at the Vatican Embassy. We will pray that the Holy
See have the fortitude of the Holy Spirit to deal with the crisis here in Washington concerning the
Holy Eucharist being given to politicians who support child killing. In "Worthiness to Receive Holy
Communion," Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, said, communion "must" be "denied"
to these politicians. The novena follows on our recent pilgrimage to Rome where we asked:
“Who has taught the Truth? Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, and the bishops who follow his instruction,
or Archbishop Wuerl, and the bishops who follow his example and words? Who is correct?
Cardinal Ratzinger or Archbishop Wuerl? Their contradictory positions cannot both be correct.”
“Should our bishops give the body and blood of Christ to Catholics whose hands are covered with
the blood of babies?”

Who: Missy Smith, Randall Terry, and all who want to make their prayers and voices heard
to the Holy Spirit and the Vatican.
What: Public novena begging the Holy Spirit to give the Holy See the grace to act in the US
When: Friday May 14 noon, to Sunday May 16 noon, for 48 hours of constant prayer, and
Monday May 17 to Saturday May 22 from noon to 1:00 daily
Where: Outside the Apostolic Nunciature, 3339 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Wash DC

For more information contact Missy Smith 202-337-1966

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