Thursday, May 6, 2010

California Teens Sent Home From School for Wearing....

Here's a hint.  This happened on May 5th.  Give up?  These kids were sent home from school for defying demands on the part of school officials to remove their shirts with...


May 5th, in some quarters, is known as Cinco de Mayo - a Mexican holiday.  These kids were told that the display of the American flag on that day was "incendiary" and that the day was "sensitive to Mexican-Americans because it's supposed to be their holiday."

Now were Mexican-American students offended?  Some were, but so what?  They're in the United States, and they need to learn that American culture and mores prevail within American territory.

The teens' parents were understandibly upset and met with the district school officials.  Fortunately those officials possessed common sense and overrode the high school officials.

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  1. What times we live in. I think the kids should contact one of the legal groups and see what recourse they have. The school at the very least should apologize and remove any absence due to their draconian action.


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