Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Bishops and Bogus "Immigration Reform"

In the previous post, I mentioned the USCCB's embrace of "environmentalism" as a way in which they seek to bring the US Church into lock-step conformity with the progressive agenda being crammed down our throats.

Another avenue into which the USCCB seeks to drive us, as sheep to the slaughter, is through "immigration reform".   I now link to an article written by my colleague, Stephanie Block.  She lives in New Mexico (a border state) and has done extensive research on various Alinskyite groups and those within the Church that seek to corrode the mission that Jesus gave to the Church..  I urge its study.

Now just what harm would be done by removing our national border controls, as suggested by these groups?  Well, remember the Cloward-Piven strategy.  In a nutshell, the aim is to bring down a society by overwhelming it with impossible demands.  Open the floodgates to unregulated immigration and demands galore will suddenly assail us: social services, etc.  It is unreasonable to expect any system or society to meet that kind of demand, all good intentions notwithstanding.  We have only to look to California to see how that state has become bankrupt due to overwhelming demand.  The capacity of any society is limited; it is not reasonable to expect any society to be a boundless cash cow.  Despite their self-righteous attempts to "guilt-trip" us to try to meet these demands, the progressives know we can't!  That's their idea!

There's yet another angle.  Do you remember that clip from the previous post, where it talks about the demise of democracy, where it says democracy will end when folks decide they can "vote themselves" extra goodies?   The progressives want those types of voters; that's why they have engaged in their various "community organizing" stunts for much of the 20th century.  They believe that these immigrants will vote their way.

Sadly, I believe the USCCB realizes all this, too.  They are acting as willing accomplices to the destruction of the USA.

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